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Akita University Scholarships 2024

For qualified international students, Akita University in Japan offers scholarships. Information is available on their official website or through their International Student Center.

Applications are invited for the Akita University Scholarships 2024. The application period is currently open for the Akita International University Scholarship in Japan.Islamic Education, social sciences, the arts, applied sciences, computing, business, and business management are just a few of the many options available.

Southern The four-year fine arts college Akita University International is situated in Tokyo, Japan. a distinguished university that received approval from the local government in April 2004. The undergraduate programs at AIU offer all English-related courses. Non-English language starters will be able to use English in the classroom through the English Language Learning (EAP) program. In addition to hosting about 43 student groups, the AIU sponsors volunteer projects and neighborhood swimming events.

About Akita University

Akita Prefecture, in Japan’s northern Tohoku area, is home to the prominent Akita University (Akita Daigaku in Japanese). Since its founding in 1949, the institution has been dedicated to providing top-notch instruction and advancing cutting-edge research across a range of fields. It is made up of numerous faculties and graduate institutions that provide a wide selection of courses in subjects like medical, engineering, education, and the humanities.

The emphasis placed by Akita University on encouraging students to adopt a global perspective is one of its unique qualities. The university makes sure its students have a variety of ideas and experiences by encouraging international exchanges and partnerships. Students can also take advantage of the distinctive fusion of contemporary and traditional Japanese culture because to the school’s location in Akita Prefecture.

Akita University Scholarships Details

  • Offered Degrees: Undergraduate
  • Scholarship Award: Funded
  • University Name: Akita International University
  • Host Country: Japan
  • Application Last Date: Open Now

Scholarship Support

There are two types of courses available to Students worldwide.

  • AIU Honors Program for Achievement Achievement
  • AIU Ambassador Funding

AIU Honors for Achievement Program

  • A type 1 scholarship is this one. The scholarship is worth 20,000 JPY for domestic student travel and 50,000 JPY for international student travel. Students may be able to apply for a scholarship if they attend a conference that will benefit both the university and themselves.

AIU Advocate Support:

  • A type 2 scholarship is this one. For this course, the winners will get 20,000 JPY for local student travel and 50,000 JPY for foreign student travel. Such students have the option to apply, and they attend a science conference with university assistance.

List of Subjects and Academic Fields 

  • Business
  • Gender and Group Studies
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Marketing and Related Support Services
  • Culture
  • General Studies and Personality
  • Social Sciences (Political Science, Economics, etc.)
  • Position of Free International Art
  • English Curriculum Objectives
  • Global business plan
  • Foreign Language Education
  • Japanese Language Program
  • Global Learning Program
  • Teacher license system
  • Global Communication System
  • Japan Educational Center

Required Documents

  • Application (available in English or Japanese).
  • In English, the phrase “Disclosure of Purpose” is 500 words long.
  • High school diploma plus any necessary paperwork, such as a certificate of high school graduation or a plan for high school graduation.
  • Application Forms
  • An individual statement
  • Two letters of recommendation and a resume
  • Graduate certificate, undergraduate certificate, or certificate from a bachelor’s degree.
  • A SOP that verifies your language competence.

Application Deadline

The due date for online Admission to the Akita International University Scholarship in Japan is now open.

How To Apply for the Akita University Scholarships 2024?

  • Japan Scholarships The Akita University Scholarships 2023 include an online application form.
  • Complete an online form and email or upload the necessary files.
  • For further details about the Akita University Scholarships and the application procedure, kindly click the “Official Website.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Akita University?

Akita University is a distinguished institution in Akita Prefecture, Japan, known for its diverse academic programs and research opportunities.

How can I apply for a scholarship at Akita University?

Applications can typically be made through the university’s International Student Center or the relevant department, depending on the scholarship.

Do I need to know Japanese to be eligible for a scholarship?

Some scholarships may require proficiency in Japanese, but there are others available for students who only speak English or other languages.

Can I apply for multiple scholarships at Akita University?

It depends on the scholarship. Some may allow concurrent applications while others might not. Always check the guidelines before applying.

Where can I get more detailed information about Akita University Scholarships?

The best source of information would be Akita University’s official website or contacting the university’s International Student Center directly.

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