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Fully Funded ULB Development Cooperation Fund PhD Scholarships - Belgium

ULB Development Cooperation Fund PhD Scholarships – Belgium

  • Université libre de Bruxelles 
  • 2033 Euros/Month
  • Belgium
  • All subjects
  • Eligible Countries
  • March 1st of each year

Applications are invited for Fully Funded ULB Development Cooperation Fund PhD Scholarships at Université libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.


The ULB Development Cooperation fund awards scholarships to PhD candidates from developing countries, to enable them to work on their PhD thesis in one of ULB’s research units. The objective is for the PhD candidates to then return to their home country and exploit the knowledge acquired at ULB.


Doctoral scholarships are awarded for an academic year, renewable three times (on the basis of a renewal application file). The net amount of the doctoral scholarship is €2033.06/month on January 1, 2020 (FRIA amount) and is indexed annually. The scholarship is only awarded during the months of stay in Belgium with a maximum of 6 months per year. In the case of a final year of thesis and following the analysis of a reasoned application, with assurance of the the thesis end date by the promoter, CCIC may accept, exceptionally, a scholarship of up to 8 months maximum. The monthly amount of the scholarship covers all costs related to the scholarship: living expenses, housing costs, registration fees, purchase of teaching materials, international travel expenses, health care insurance, etc. If the applicant already receives funding (which is an asset), only a supplement can be granted. The amount of the supplement is equal to the difference between the net FRIA amount and the net amount of other financing already granted. Promoters will encourage candidates to answer frankly the question about their sources of subsistence during their thesis, including the salary of the university in the country of origin.


To be eligible for ULB Development Cooperation Fund PhD Scholarships, applicants must:

  • be a national of one of the developing countries listed below. In case he or she has several nationalities, they must all be mentioned in the application. All nationalities must be among the eligible countries
  • must hold at least a Master’s degree and meet the criteria for registration for the ULB
  • The thesis must be done in co-supervision or, if this is not possible, in co-supervision with the university of the doctoral student’s country of origin
  • Applications for doctoral students during the thesis are eligible only if he or she has started his or her thesis under the scientific direction of an ULB promoter and if the report of the accompanying committee (maximum 3 months before the submission of the application) is positive.

With regard to the promoter of ULB:

  • he or she may submit only one application;
  • If he/she already has an ongoing grant from this fund, he/she will not have priority.

Selection criteria:

a) The relevance of the research project to the development issue
b) The scientific quality of the research project
c) The adequacy between the proposed research project and the profile of the applicant
d) The perspective of a return and future integration in the country of origin


The ULB Development Cooperation Fund PhD Scholarships application, completed and sent by the ULB thesis supervisor, must include:

  • the completed application form
  • curriculum vitae of the PhD candidate (maximum 3 pages including a list of publications)
  • two detailed and substantiated reference letters from the PhD candidate’s ULB thesis supervisorand by the thesis supervisor in the home country
  • when the application does not concern the first year of the PhD thesis, the application must alsoinclude the latest report by the thesis committee (not older than 3 months at the time of application) including a progress report. If the the PhD candidate is not in Belgium, a videoconference meeting with his / her thesis committee is advised