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Scholarship for European Master of Economics and Law-2023

  • Erasmus University Rotterdam
  • Partial Funding.
  • Masters
  • Netherlands.
  • International Students
  • 2023


The European Master of Law and Economics Scholarship 2023 is now available to international students. The scholarship provides for Masters’s level programs in law and government, as well as Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The scholarship deadline is not given.

The Erasmus+ Programme is funding the European Master in Law and Economics (EMLE) Scholarship 2023. (ERASMUS). Erasmus+ is the European Union’s program to assist education, training, youth, and sport throughout Europe. Over the previous 30 years, it has provided a life-changing experience to over 10 million people and will continue to provide chances for a diverse range of individuals and organizations over the next seven years (2021-2027). Erasmus Institution Rotterdam is a public research university in the Dutch city of Rotterdam.


By studying the economic rationales of lawmaking, L&E provides a positive analysis of and normative benchmark for the actions of policymakers, administrative agencies, and courts. L&E has become increasingly relevant in the modern policy debate. EMLE is a 1-year Master covering all major fields of L&E, from the traditional fields of private law, competition policy, and economic regulation to analyses of international and EU law, Law & Finance, innovation, and the digital economy. Insights from behavioral economics are included in the curriculum.

Eligible Subjects

This scholarship program allows you to study the following subjects.

  • Law and government
  • Economics
    • The goal of the EMLE is to educate students with advanced knowledge in the fields of ‘Law and Economics’ (L&E). This integrated field investigates the economic impacts of legal laws as well as the legal foundations of economic efficiency. A comparative technique is used to assess the economic strengths and drawbacks of competing legal regimes.
    • L&E is based on the insight that economics is a behavioral science capable of explaining and forecasting how people act under various legal conditions, revealing which legal instruments are most efficient in addressing market failures (e.g. market power, negative externalities (e.g. pollution and risk-creation), and information asymmetry (e.g. between producers and consumers).

Further Details:

  • The European Master in Law and Economics Scholarship 2023 is available to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam for Masters’s level programs.
  • All overseas students can apply for this grant.