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Roskilde University Scholarships 2024

For students, especially those from abroad, Roskilde University in Denmark offers a variety of scholarships with various qualifying requirements and application dates.

Applications are invited for the Roskilde University Scholarships 2024. The last date to apply for the Scholarships at Roskilde University for the academic year of 2024 is 15 Jan 2024 (annual). Only master’s programs are eligible for this scholarship program. International students from all around the world, especially those from European countries, are welcome to submit scholarship applications.

Deserving candidates in a few master’s programs at Roskilde University are eligible for scholarships and tuition fee waivers from the Danish government. Scholarships are available to September admission applicants, some of which cover tuition. The applicant will get the scholarship for the whole 22-month duration of the degree.

About Roskilde University

Roskilde University, a renowned institution of higher learning, is located in Roskilde, Denmark. It is well known for its innovative, interdisciplinary approach to learning and research. It was established in 1972 and is renowned for its commitment to problem-based learning, which encourages pupils to cooperate in order to resolve actual problems. The college offers a wide range of degrees in subjects like social sciences, natural sciences, humanities, and technology while emphasizing critical thinking and community engagement. A hub for cutting-edge research and forward-thinking education in Denmark and internationally, Roskilde University cultivates a lively academic community that values innovation, inclusivity, and social responsibility with a strong emphasis on sustainability and societal impact.

About Roskilde University Scholarships

  • Scholarship Country: Denmark
  • Host Institution: Roskilde University
  • Degree Level: Masters
  • Eligibility: International students
  • Deadline: 15 Jan 2024 (annual)

Available Study Fields

  • Master in Computer Science
  • Master in Environmental Science
  • Master in Media and Communication
  • Master in Nordic Urban Planning Studies
  • Master in Global and Development Studies
  • Master in International Politics and Governance

Financial Benefits

  • Recipients will receive a 22-month waiver of their tuition costs.
  • The beneficiaries will get a stipend of up to DKK 7,800 per month to help with living expenses while they are in Denmark.
  • The scholarship and tuition fee waiver recipients should remember that they must stick to the study schedule in order to maintain their benefits.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only Masters degree candidates in the aforementioned programs may submit an application.
  • You must adhere to the admission requirements for the educational program you want to apply to.
  • The candidate must be a non-EU/EEA national, pay tuition, and enroll in one of the master’s programs at Roskilde University that offers scholarships.


The last date to apply for the Scholarships at Roskilde University for the academic year of 2024 is 15 Jan 2024 (annual). 

How To Apply?

The application procedure for the Danish Roskilde University Scholarship program is done online. To ensure admission to the master’s programs before the application deadlines, you may apply by submitting your letter of motivation and résumé or CV explaining your professional background and academic achievements in your online application form.

Official Website of Roskilde University Scholarships

The official website is the best place to start if you want to learn more about MEXT Scholarships. There, you can find comprehensive details on the programs and courses provided, entrance requirements and processes, campus amenities, student life, and much more. You can also discover more about the university’s faculty, employees, research endeavors, and community outreach programs. The website might also give users access to online tools including course catalogs, student handbooks, and academic calendars. The university’s official website is a fantastic resource to explore whether you are a potential student, a current student, or simply interested in knowing more about the institution. To visit the website, just click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply for a scholarship at Roskilde University?

To apply, visit the university’s scholarship webpage, select the appropriate scholarship, and follow the application guidelines provided.

When is the application deadline for scholarships?

Deadlines differ for each scholarship, so check the specific scholarship’s webpage for accurate information.

Are there scholarships specifically for international students at Roskilde University?

Yes, Roskilde University offers scholarships specifically designed to support international students pursuing their studies there.

Where can I find more information about Roskilde University scholarships?

Detailed information about scholarships, including eligibility, application procedures, and deadlines, can be found on the university’s official website or by contacting the university’s scholarship office for assistance.

Who is eligible for Roskilde University scholarships?

Eligibility criteria vary by scholarship but commonly include academic excellence, financial need, and enrollment at Roskilde University.

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