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Partially Funded LLM Scholarships and Bursaries - United Kingdom

LLM Scholarships and Bursaries – United Kingdom

  • University of London
  • Partially Funded
  • United Kingdom
  • LLM (Law)
  • Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria or Russia
  • Deadlines vary

Applications are invited for Funded LLM Scholarships and Bursaries to students in eight countries around the world.


Up to 18 scholarships per year are available for high-performing students on the Postgraduate Laws programme. Bursaries are available for all University of London LLB alumni for their LLM, PGDip or PGCert programme fees at 30%. All applicants (including LLB alumni) residing in Pakistan, Bangladesh or Malaysia can take advantage of a 40% bursary for the LLM, PGDip or PGCert.

LLM Scholarship: Ghana, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka


To be eligible for this course-fee scholarship, for your final four modules, you must fulfil the following criteria:

  • You must be registered and studying in one of the following countries: Malaysia, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Ghana, Nigeria or Russia.
  • You must have completed 12 modules and failed none.
  • Out of those 12 modules you must have successfully completed at least 5 modules (with no failed attempts) within 13 months of your effective registration date.
  • For example, if your registration date is 1 May 2017, you must have completed 5 modules by the end of the May 2018 exam session – either in a single session or spread over two sessions.

Scholarships are granted to those with the best average score across five modules. (It must normally be 60% or above). If you have completed more than five modules within the qualifying period, your average is calculated from your best five marks.

LLM Bursaries: residents of Pakistan, Bangladesh or Malaysia

The LLM Bursary is available for applicants who reside in Pakistan, Malaysia and Bangladesh only.

The LLM Bursary is a 40% bursary that can be applied against registration, examination entry fees and module fees in respect of the University of London distance learning LLM course.


  • You will not be considered for the LLM Bursary until you have received an offer for the LLM programme (this includes the Postgraduate Diploma in Law, Postgraduate Certificate in Law and LLM short courses)
  • The LLM Bursary is not available to currently registered students.
  • When you are approved for the LLM Bursary you will be sent a bursary code to use during registration. If you proceed to register before you have received the bursary code, you will no longer be eligible for the LLM Bursary